People use the internet,

While smart people bend it to their will!

Job for ALL! Launched
  • Job seekers get on board, Ashewa is about to take you on a journey. And this journey will land you to the perfect opportunity.We are launching venture as part of our mission, which is to create five million employment opportunities in 2030, but, before that....


    ATS SC

    The world is completely diving in to digital economy. In fact the online economy covers 16% of the total GDP, amounting $11.5 trillion in 2021. And this number is showing a dramatic increase every passing day.

    But when we ask how much of the digital economy is accessible to Ethiopian nationals and how many Ethiopian business actually take on to this digital train, we see a foreseeable gap.

    However ‘Reforms enacted over the past few years have substantially altered the digital infrastructure and connectivity landscape: telecom coverage has now reached 95% of the country by population and 85% by geographical area, mobile usage has reached 52 million subscribers, and internet access is available to 25 million users’ 1 Ethiopia’s digital economy.

    This number looks pretty good right? 25 million internet users could potentially utilize a huge economy. Yet, 80% of internet users, use social media to simply scroll back and forth, mainly for sensationalize political news or to spend their time with custom made feeds.

    If you didn’t get much good out of the internet until now, this is the time for you to take a different path. The digital economy in Ethiopia is showing irrefutable growth with loosen bureaucracy, digital infrastructure and emerging talents. And you know what they say about SMART people?

Tobe Agent

What is expected from you?

  • The willingness to grow
  • Owning a personal computer or a smart phone with an internet access
  • Interest to work with us
  • Salesmanship skill
  • Being aware about sellers and manufacturers around you

What is that you have to do?

This is an opportunity to become a seller recruiter, for those willing to go the extra miles. If you are a self-starter individual with a win-win attitude, you already completed half of the task.

Your next step would be to register and sellers on Don’t worry we provide ‘the quick guides to sell on Ashewa’

Who can sell on

All legal entities are eligible to sell on i.e.

  • Manufactures
  • Whole seller
  • Import exporters
  • Agro processing companies
  • Farmers and Farmer unions.

Become Seller Recruitment Agent today!

We are building something exciting. Do you want to be part of this? All you need is to be 18 yrs and above, own a smart phone and have a mind of a salesperson and have a VALID TIN NUMBER . Be your own boss with ashewa. Register HERE to be the first members of the seller registration freelancer agent. Your role will be to register vendors/merchants to sell their products on our platform "ashewa" and you will make a commission out of it. Register today and we will reach out to confirm training dates and give more details.

What will sellers get from selling on

  • Reaching more than 5million personal buyers and potential business ally’s
  • Free access to open store and to get technical support from Ashewa’s large support team
  • Avoid long standing payment problems
  • Reduce high transaction/intermediation casts
  • Activates previously unused/ or underutilized labour.

To be qualified sellers are expected to:

  • Sign up and create a store with legal documents,
  • List at least 10 quality product photos and descriptions
  • Set up real data in-store
  • Have access to:
    • Bank account number
    • Bank routing number
    • Chargeable credit card Government issued national ID
    • Tax information and Phone number

People use the internet, while smart people bend it to their will!

If you are someone with a potential to grow ‘Sra lehulum’ is the good news you have been waiting for. Yes, you read that right! This is a new era with new ways, so why not new you? Get smart and bring your potential to the forefront of digital economy.
Criterion to use E-commerce system Guide

Rules About Incentives

  • If you successfully, recruit and train sellers, you will earn per recruited number of sellers.
  • Numbers of sellers is calculated every month, if it exceeds 4 week before you reach the authentic numbers you don’t earn.
  • We calculate a bonus every 2 and 4 week starting date 28 to 1 and 14-16.
  • You must inform us your sellers before/after registrations .

Job for ALL!

As of today 15/02/2022 Ashewa Technology Solutions (ATS) SC launches new business model called, 'Job for ALL!' at Kenenisa hotel.

Mr. Tesfaye Gebremariam

From ahadu radio

ATS SC Ambassador

Artist Nardos Adane

Executive Manager Mr. Daniel Bekele